What you guys think about Astrology ?

Some people don’t believe in it, some other are 100% with it, few of us think why not it’s funny what they say happens. I’m one of the last type of people…
I read my horoscope when I’m on my Glamour app, or when I find it at the end of my favorite people magazines.

Today I found that the Egyptian antiquity was sure about a horoscope matching their Gods & Goddesses.
I tought it would be funny to share… I’m GEB, the God of the Earth… Pretty similar to my astral sign : Virgo.

Who are you ?

  • AMON-RA (January 8 to 21 and February 1 to 11)
    God creator of the universe, of men, of the gods and of himself
  • ANUBIS (May 9 to 27 and June 29 to July 13)
    God of the dead, inventor of the mummification
  • BASTET (from 14 to 28 July, from 23 to 27 September and from 3 to 17 October)
    Goddess of the house, of joy, and of femininity
  • GEB (from 12 to 29 February and from 20 to 31 August)
    God of the Earth
  • HORUS (April 20 to May 8 and August 12 to 19)
    Creator god, symbol of order and harmony
  • ISIS (from 11 to 31 March, from 18 to 29 October and from 19 to 31 December)
    Mother Goddess of the Pharaohs
  • HAPI (January 1 to 7, June 19 to 28, September 1 to 7 and November 18 to 26)
    God of the Nile, which makes the lands of Egypt fruitful
  • MOUT (from 22 to 31 January and from 8 to 22 September)
    Goddess-Vulture, who watches over men and gives them life
  • OSIRIS (March 1 to 10 and November 27 to December 18)
    God of the Dead and eternal life
  • SEKHMET (from 29 July to 11 August and from 30 October to 7 November)
    Warrior Goddess, which causes epidemics and diseases
  • SETH (28 May-18 June and 28 September-2 October)
    God of thunderstorms and thunder, symbol of disorder, renewal and vitality
  • THOT (April 1 to 19 and November 8 to 17)
    God of the Hereafter and knowledge


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