Oh Dubai, My Dubai,

Ahlan Wa Sahlan… This city means a lot to me. The mix between arabic traditions and highest level of class and modernity makes me so in love with Dubai.
Can’t get tired of the skyscrapers’ views, the sand, the clear beaches, and the amazing food.
My favorite restaurant is definitly PF CHANG (I know it’s not Emarati’s traditional food but I can’t help it), and my favorite sweet treats is CAMEL COOKIES (the Kinder and Nutalla are my forever favorite but you have to taste them all). You can’t go no wrong if you follow my lead ahaha.
Go get some sun at Barasti Beach or on the palm at Atlantis private beach or chill on the sand of the Jumeirah’s beach to face the Burj El Arab and get a little trip between the different hotels and Madinat Jumeirah.
My favorite activity I have to admit is the Desert Trip. I went with Dubai Desert Safari Company. It was really safe and not expensive at all. You really enjoy the dunes ride and the show Under the moonlight.

Dubai you so good to me, not the first time, but everytime a perfect time.

Baheebeq, S.


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