I think I wanna go a little private with this post… I’m sure many girls gonna recognize themselves in it. « You should beware from a woman with a broken heart »

Being in Love was the worst feeling I had in my life. I lost people for many reasons and I could make it after, but trying to leave the one I love knowing he was no good for me, was definitly the hardest thing to do.
You pass by so many different states of mind… The stupid in love chick, The you can get everything just don’t leave me girl, The let’s try to make him change lady, The crazy horrible mad chick, and than The Woman takes the control.
Free yourself from bad things, bad ideas, bad everything and let just the good inside of you be the priority. Focus on your work, friends, family, charity… And forgive to forget.
We all girls did crazy things after being heartbroken… This song up there is definitly an anthem to this bad moment that you can pass ladies. Revenge is no bueno for you darling, karma would take care of it, and even if it doesnt, you don’t give a F. anymore now.

« You should beware from a woman with a broken heart »…

Love unconditionally but as soon as you feel yourself lost in a bad situation, run away, leave, and don’t look back.

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